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A Peaceable Kingdom

Matt Mitchell
25 October 1975
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I always feel compelled to explain the title of this thing: it's not that I think of myself, or my LJ, as some great nexus of peace, lovingkindness, enlightenment—good God no, I'm way too weird and neurotic for that. Rather, it's a reference to some ideas I find kind of awesome in a mystical, unattainable way.

With that addressed:

I was born in New York City, but I've lived in the Boston suburbs since I was five. I went to Bennington College in Vermont, where I majored in English with a concentration in the Sega Saturn. I now work as a copyeditor for a consulting company in (not alliteration-ville but) Lexington.

I'm a wussy pinko atheist feminist utilitarian, in a bland, very uninformed way. I'm a giant dork, in a no longer bland way.

Note that much of the theoretically entertaining content I've "contributed" to the LJosphere lives at spam_literature.
achewood, adam kenney, ammon hennacy, antony and the johnsons, apertifs (gross), apertifs (tasty), apertifs (weird), approval-seeking, aralis, ardbeg, baby dee, battles against self-interest, belle and sebastian, bennington college, boards of canada, brahms, cocteau twins, compassion, consistency, copyediting, cordwainer smith, creature growth, croquet, crows, descriptivism, desire, doctor who, dune, electroclash, escapism, failure to thrive, flame wars, freedom from desire, freezepop, friendly robots, g:cog, gender issues, half-assed attempts at androgyny, humility (false), humility (true), i ching, insecurity (mine), insecurity (yours), interactive fiction, irony in pop music, joanna newsom, kraftwerk, lagavulin, larp, love, made-up stories, master chaynjis, ming i, my bloody valentine, neurosis, noncompetitive games, nonsense, obsession, octopuses, riddley walker, role-playing games, science fiction, self-demotion, self-deprecation, self-promotion, shostakovich, soma, spam literature, spring, squid, tea, too much information, turandot, vec makropoulos, weakness (bad), weakness (good), weirding modules