Obsolete information, obsolete pursuits

  • Every time I look at LJ I see this totally out-of-date post of mine, so: not buying a house in Madison, actually! Am planning to move to Boston next year, prolly sort of quite-late-summer 2014! The house falling through was sort of a huge downer, sort of a big financial relief.

  • Speaking of old news: dear zero people who still go to my Minecraft server, note that I have finally patched that sucker so it's up to date version-wise. Dear anybody else—if you ever want to play vanilla Minecraft, note that I have a perfectly nice server going. It has some rather snazzy existing structures, but there's infinite room for more; I even have a couple of gates up to far-off places if you want to start a Distant Outpost.

Certain fathoms

All right: m b v by My Bloody Valentine, a new LP released after a mere twenty-two-year hiatus. Let us do this thing, new album. Let us listen to you.

In other sequel news: three-quarters done with rereading Lev Grossman's The Magicians and The Magician King, in anticipation of the upcoming book 3. (Which will probably take another year or something to come out, I don't know.) After these I should probably read some grown-up literature or something, but I gotta say I really like these books. I think The Magician King has some weaknesses—even so. Most people find the main character intolerable, and to be sure he's so messed-up that he's named after Quentin Compson; it probably says bad things about me that I don't.

Anyway! Matters proceed. Um, Katherine and I are buying a house in Madison, but confusingly that is part of a master plan that involves moving to Boston in the second half of 2014.

Minecraft: plz excuse copious delay!

Hey folks who were interested in a Minecraft server! Really sorry about the delay. I've finally got one rented, and it's up and running quite pleasantly.

Email me (iralith at gmail dot com) your Minecraft handle for ze whitelistage.

Moar Aralis

Yes, all I do now is post Wordles on this thing, I guess. Here's my A2 summary, rife with "Wadayuji problems" and "big huge people":

Wordle: Untitled

And here is poor old Wordle laboring with the first-ever Aralis novelette, to be (sorta-re-)printed next session with 25% more magic carpet knife fight:

Wordle: Untitled

I do not shrink from Game of Thrones for pagecount reasons

[g+ xpostz0rz]

I can't remember when I started on my from-the-top Aubrey-Maturin rereadthrough (in the past, I'd read about half of 'em, and I started with the third book in the series and missed some from the middle, and anyway I was very hurried about it). It was somewhere around the new year, though.

In any case, going by Amazon paperback page counts, I am now 3,960 pages into the damn things. I just hit The Reverse of the Medal, in which I believe some pretty crappy career-devastating things are going to happen; on the other hand, Sam Panda is mere pages from showing up, and I'm looking forward to making his acquaintance again. (And knowing which giant jerkface gets dissected, a couple of books out or so, will be somewhat of a source of satisfaction.)

I still can't decide if it's quite the right thing, to read these books all in one go. Probably! You do encounter editorial mistakes of the kind that wouldn't happen these days ("Awkward Davis" will, at some point soon, turn into "Awkward Davies"; I'm uncertain whether O'Brian remembers that young Mr. Williamson had his arm blown off a couple of books back). And the author must re-explain certain situations, book by book, in a way that is merely conscientious but has a weird stylistic effect if you're reading continuously.

Even so, it's all one huge long story of years and years in two dudes' lives, and it benefits from being taken in one huge enormous gulp. Wait. That sounded weird.


So I let my brainspace-membership to Homestuck lapse, in about April 2010. I missed a couple of weeks and it seemed like a huge amount of work to get back in--it's the only webcomic I ever quit reading because it was too good.

Anyway blah blah blah I have spent much of this weekend catching up. I'm not up to speed yet (I'm on panel 4526 out of 6000ish, i.e. the beginning of Act 5 Act 2), but I'm getting there. God this strip is delightful. This is one of the best comic-y things I've ever read, web- or otherwise; it's . . . ohgodi'mgonnasayit Nabokovian in its layering of brilliantly snotty pastiche and actual moving beautifulness.

I wasn't expecting the latter, actually--at the point where I'd stopped before, it was mostly still just hilarious and silly. But stuff like the revelation of the Wayward Vagabond's past-identity (all those poor little black and white pawns!), or the trolls' epic horrible betrayals and meanness and their unacknowledged aspiration for a kinder reality . . . I gotta say, I've gotten the teeniest bit choked up in places.

(I feel that the above two plot things are foreshadowspoilers rather than actual spoilers, or I'd have blacked them out.)

Anyway, so yeah, it's pretty good, glad I'm back on the Andrew Hussie wagon, etc. Though I still think it's deeply weird that people on bad_rpers_suck can talk about seemingly unironic online roleplaying sessions revolving around troll hemostatus.

Aralis storytime!

Wut up. Below is a very long Aralis story, the one I told at the last session. As usual, I worked it up by talking to myself at great length; what's below is my best attempt at reconstructing something that was never written down in its first form.

(I felt a little . . . I dunno, cheaty? doing storytelling in Aralis. In Madrigal I played a storyteller; in Aralis my character is an amateur writer and musician, which isn't the same thing. But enh, the truth is, I find I really like doing it. And it seemed just-appropriate-enough this session. I have never tried it outside the constraints of someone else's LARP setting, and I dunno if I ever would—those constraints are extremely useful.)

This story doesn't make too much sense if you don't know a certain amount about the setting. Hope it's relatively entertaining anyway! It will give me much dorksome pleasure to explain the background if anybody wants, though I suspect nobody's likely to read this who doesn't know it already . . .

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Every one of us has heard the call

This morning, for some reason, it became necessary to imagine an Edward Gorey–related song by Manowar.